Official Unlocked GSM iPhone 4 Now Available At Apple Stores In US

Finally! Apple Retail Stores in the US will now start carrying official unlocked GSM iPhone 4. Previously, in the US, Apple has sold the iPhone 4 locked on contract with either AT&T or Verizon Wireless. The availability of official unlocked GSM iPhone 4 now makes purchasing an iPhone 4 easier for those who don’t want a two year contract.

However, these officially unlocked GSM iPhone 4 don’t come cheap. A 16GB one will cost you $649 and a 32GB one will cost you $749.


iPhone 4S Release Sans SIM Slated For July, iPhone 5 To Release In 2012?

Without a doubt, the world awaits Apple to release the next generation iPhone. Will it be called the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5? Little things like that aren’t even known as yet. Nevertheless, a new rumor circulating the internet claims that Apple will release a SIM-less iPhone 4S as early as July 2011, while a fully revamped iPhone 5 release is slated for 2012. Details, after the break.


AT&T LTE iPhone Network To Be Live By Summer 2011

For long, AT&T iPhone users have been envious of the fact that Verizon CDMA iPhone users have access to LTE technology, which means faster data speeds on the iPhone. Who wouldn’t want that? In a bid to not get left behind, AT&T has announced that it will debut its LTE technology in five cities in the US by Summer 2011.


Fix Side Switch Vibration Issue on iPhone 4/3GS After iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak

This post explains how you can fix the vibration issue of side switch after the jailbreak. A simple re-run of redsnow will solve the problem. If you have already jailbroken your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running on iOS 4.3.1 or above, you may have noticed a weird problem related to side switch vibration. Today iPhone Dev Team has released… Continue reading

iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S? Pictures Revealed Of A Larger Screened iPhone

As summer approaches, rumors regarding iPhone gain momentum due to the fact that Apple rolls out a newer version every year during this time frame, which has been the case with the last four versions of  Apple’s iPhone. Although it is pretty clear that this year iPhone 5 would be rolled out a little late because of the imminent release of the white iPhone 4 as we had reported earlier, odd looking iPhone look a-likes keep cropping up on the webosphere. But hey, who’s complaining?


iPhone 5 To Support Both GSM & CDMA Networks, iPhone 6 to Include LTE with Qualcomm MDM9615

iPhone 5 is yet to be announced but the news and rumors about iPhone 6 have begun circulating around the web town. Earlier today Verizon CFO  Fran Shammon told the media while answering a question that the next generation iPhone, that is iPhone 5, would be a global device, which means iPhone 5 will be capable of running on GSM… Continue reading

Now You Can Save SHSH Blobs for iOS 4.3.2 and iOS 4.2.7 with TinyUmbrella

An updated version of TinyUmbrella has just been released with the support of recently released iOS 4.3.2 on all GSM based idevices (iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G) and iOS 4.2.7 on iPhone 4 CDMA version. The signing window is still open for iOS 4.3.1 as well, so it is… Continue reading

White iPhone 4 Available on Three UK, Delivery on April 20

We don’t know whether it is a technical mistake or they did it deliberately but iPhone 4 White is finally available to purchase from 3UK. If you are in UK you can order white iPhone 4 32 GB model for the price of £159 by signing two years contract. Three UK lists an earliest delivery date as April 20th… Continue reading

64GB iPhone 4 Is Real [Hands-On Video]

From last two days rumors are spreading around the web that Apple might release 64GB iPhone 4 in next iPhone update. Though MIC has managed to get a real prototype of iPhone 4 64GB but it is yet to be confirmed whether 64GB space will be provided in next iPhone 4 upgrade or it will be an exclusive feature of iPhone 5.

The device shares many physical characteristics of the lost Gizmodo iPhone 4 prototype which was also labeled with “XXGB” Other similarities include no “+” or “-” signs on the volume buttons and no silver ring around the lens.


Is This The Original Part of Original iPhone 5?

Rumors about iPhone 5 are spreading around the globe from quite some time. Well, no one can say which rumor will turn into a real news and when but this one, which we are going to share in this post, seems to be getting more weightage due to previous rumors.

An image of iPhone 5’s front bezel is floating around the web which is claimed to be the part of original iPhone 5.


After iPad 2, iPhone 5 Might Be Delayed Too [Rumor]

Earlier today 9to5mac got the information through its sources that Apple had delayed the release of iPad 2 which was being expected to be launched during April of this year.

The exact reason behind this delay is still unknown but the possible delay is said to be due to “production bottlenecks” at Apple’s sourced manufacturing plant.

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Roundup of Verizon iPhone 4 Reviews

Early Verizon iPhone 4 reviews are hitting the web. Top tech sites and writes who have been playing with this CDMA iPhone 4 are saying one thing in common in their reviews – AT&T iPhone 4 is faster for data and can handle voice and data simultaneously but Verizon iPhone 4 is better in sound quality and has more reception in many places.

If you are planning to get CDMA iPhone 4, here is the summary of reviews from top tech sites.