LockScreen Settings Tweak Hides the Clock and Unlock Slider to Show Full Size Screen Saver on iPhone

Recently I was reading few articles on different tech blogs about the future of jailbreak. They all were agreed at one point that jailbreak is losing its charm and some of them were even saying that it’s now dead. There is no doubt that Apple has implemented many favourite tweaks in the latest iOS release … Continue reading

Safari Omnibar Removes Search Box and Adds Chrome Like Omnibar to Mobile Safari

Do you want to remove the search bar from your iPhone/iPad mobile Safari browser? And do you want to add chrome-like omnibar with search-the-page support? Here is the answer to these questions available in the form of Safari Omnibar cydia tweak. Safari Omnibar removes the search box but still allows the users to search through … Continue reading

NotiQuiet Tweak Disables Notification Alerts In Certain Apps

New day with new Cydia tweak! NotiQuiet tweak prevents the Notification Centre from showing alerts in certain apps. After installing this tweak from Cydia store, a new set of options is added under Settings.app. From these options you can disable/enable NotiQuiet app any time. You can also choose the apps during which you don’t want … Continue reading

Certificate Backup App Saves and Restores Push and YouTube Certificates on Hacktivated iPhone

One of the common problems the users of hacktivated iPhone face is the inability of their iPhone to get push notifications. Some users can not connect to youtube servers using the official youtube app on these hacktivated devices. These types of problems arise because we activate the iPhone with Redsn0w or with some other app … Continue reading

CloseEnhancer – More Options to Close Apps in AppSwitcher

There are many tweaks available in Cydia store for jailbroken devices which provides us different options while closing the apps in AppSwitcher. For instance, KillBackground puts a small button on the right-bottom cornder when the icons are in jiggle mode. This small button allows you to close all the apps of AppSwitcher running in background … Continue reading