Fix Broken Tweaks by Installing MobileSubstrate Fix on iOS 7 Jailbreak

mobile substrate fix

As we have told earlier that many tweaks and cydia applications which depend on MobileSubstrate to work properly are currently broken and not working on iOS 7 devices which are jailbroken with the help of Evasi0n7. Though Saurik is working to update the MobileSubstrate, but if you don’t want to wait till that here is a simple cydia app which will fix the problem till we get the official release.

Some Cydia Tweaks and Apps Not Working on iOS 7 Evasi0n Jailbreak, Wait!

evasi0n iOS 7.x Jailbreak - official website of the evad3rs

I don’t know what’s the motive behind releasing the iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak without collaborating with the Cydia creator, Jay Freeman, who is also known as Saurik in the community. It may be that the evad3rs team wanted to give a gift to its loyal users before the Holidays starts, but this haste has also given us some incompatibilities over the newly released jailbreak.

Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak is Now Available for Download

evasi0n iOS 7

Surprisingly, evad3rs team has just released its evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak for all devices. While everyone was thinking that there was no important progress regarding the latest jailbreak, but the team was secretely working hard to bring the new tool before Christmas.

Unthredera1n To Jailbreak iPhone 4 CDMA Model on iOS 5.1 Released

Well folks, there is new jailbreak tool in the town with the name of Unthredera1n developed by a new team “UnthreadedJB”. Many popular researchers have confirmed that it actually works on specific device and iOS verson. They also mentioned on their website and even through their twitter account several times that they are not fakers.

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