Official Evasi0n 7 1.0.5 to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 Untethered Now Available for Download

Few days ago Apple released iOS 7.0.5 for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C outside the US, mainly to fix the network problem for chinese users. First it was assumed the update is for non-US users only but later, after few hours, the update was also pushed for all supported carriers even in the US. Though iOS 7.0.5 didn’t contain any… Continue reading

A5 Devices, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Mini Are Now Jailbreakable for Life With New iBoot Exploit

Here is a good news for jailbreak community. iH8sn0w has discovered a new exploit which enables the A5(x) devices jailbreakable for whole life. This new exploit is little different from the previous ones which also gave the un-patchable jailbreak on older devices. In fact it is not a bootrom level exploit but it targets the iBoot which is also called… Continue reading

iOS 7.0.5 Can Be Jailbroken with Evasi0n 7 But Official Jailbreak Is Little Late

Few hours ago we saw a minor update for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users in the for iOS 7.0.5. The main purpose was to fix the issues and bugs which the users on China Mobile were facing. There is no new feature or any type of enhancement in it. So, you should stay on iOS 7.0.4 if you… Continue reading

Evasi0n 7 1.0.3 Available to Fix iPad mini Retina Boot Loop and Jailbreak iOS 7.1 Beta

Evad3rs team has released a new version of evasi0n7 1.0.3 today. It not only fixes the bugs which were causing the continuous boot loop on iPad mini Retina but also supports iOS 7.1 beta jailbreak. It is really surprising why the team included the support for iOS 7.1 jailbreak in it. Probably Apple already knows about the existing exploits which… Continue reading

Fix Broken Tweaks by Installing MobileSubstrate Fix on iOS 7 Jailbreak

As we have told earlier that many tweaks and cydia applications which depend on MobileSubstrate to work properly are currently broken and not working on iOS 7 devices which are jailbroken with the help of Evasi0n7. Though Saurik is working to update the MobileSubstrate, but if you don’t want to wait till that here is a simple cydia app which… Continue reading

Now You Can Install Evasi0n 7 Updates using Cydia’s Default Repo

As you know that the very first release of evasi0n 7 v1.0.0 jailbreak was included with a chinese store. Later, the chinese store TaiG was removed from it and a new version v1.0.1 was released. Now this new version is also available in the Cydia store for all those jailbreakers who are still running older version. Besides the removal of… Continue reading

Geohot Reverse-Engineers the Evasi0n7 Jailbreak Tool

The new evasi0n7 jailbreak was released with fully packed drama. First we heard that Geohot wanted to sell the jailbreak to Chinese investors/developers and then evad3rs team released the jailbreak pre-installed with a Chinese Store, TaiG, for the devices running on Chinese language. Later, the team remotely disabled the activation of TaiG store installation. Today Geohot writes up a post… Continue reading

Evad3rs Remove Chinese App Store in Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak Due to Free Cracked Apps

If you missed the breaking news of this weekend regarding iPhone jailbreak then it is to inform you that we have finally got the working untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.0.4 and below versions compatible with all iOS 7 supported devices including the latest ones, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and others. The complete list of the devices and the iOS 7 Continue reading

Some Cydia Tweaks and Apps Not Working on iOS 7 Evasi0n Jailbreak, Wait!

I don’t know what’s the motive behind releasing the iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak without collaborating with the Cydia creator, Jay Freeman, who is also known as Saurik in the community. It may be that the evad3rs team wanted to give a gift to its loyal users before the Holidays starts, but this haste has also given us some incompatibilities over… Continue reading

Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak is Now Available for Download

Surprisingly, evad3rs team has just released its evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak for all devices. While everyone was thinking that there was no important progress regarding the latest jailbreak, but the team was secretely working hard to bring the new tool before Christmas. Supported Devices: iOS 7 jailbreak, Evasi0n, is compatible for iOS 7.0. iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3 and… Continue reading

iOS 7 Jailbreak Progress for iPad, iPhone Models and iPod Touch

We will keep updating this post with every new news, hint or status we get about iOS jailbreak. So save it and keep visiting for the latest updates. The official release date of iOS 7 is, as you all know if you have followed the updates from Apple’s even, is September 18. It is the first major overhaul and redesigned… Continue reading

Unthredera1n To Jailbreak iPhone 4 CDMA Model on iOS 5.1 Released

Well folks, there is new jailbreak tool in the town with the name of Unthredera1n developed by a new team “UnthreadedJB”. Many popular researchers have confirmed that it actually works on specific device and iOS verson. They also mentioned on their website and even through their twitter account several times that they are not fakers. Here are two tweets to… Continue reading

How to Use iREB 2.0 on Mac to Install Custom iOS on iPhone

Long wait of Mac users for iREB is finally over. Now you can get this software on your PC provided you are running OS X 10.4 or above. However, unlike Windows version it performs only one function and that is to install the limera1n exploit on your supported device running on supported iOS. What is its Purpose? The main purpose… Continue reading