EFI Firmware Update 2.1 Released to Prepare MacBook Air for Thunderbolt

Today Apple sends out EFI Firmware Update 2.1 to MacBook Air in order to bring improvements and fix some issues on the latest models of MacBook Air. This updates fixes the issues related to recovery of Mac OS X Lion over internet and makes MacBook Air compatible for the upcoming Thunderbolt display. This update includes fixes that enhance… Continue reading

How to Unlock MacBook Air’s USB and Use it As Regular USB

July was the month in which Apple released Mac OS X Lion through its Mac App Store. Later on this new OS was also released in USB flash drives which costs $69.99 whereas the downloading of OS X Lion from App Store costs you only $29.99. The USB stick loaded with OS X Lion is also sold with all new… Continue reading

Skype 5.3 Update Brings HD Video Calling On Your Mac

With the new 5.3 update Skype brings support for HD video calling on your Mac, along with official support for the new Mac OS X Lion. Users can now indulge in high definition video calling in full HD glory, which is a welcome feature for those who desired for a more refined experience. Tweaks to user interface and regular bug fixes are amongst the changes that the update brings.


Find My Mac Feature Available for Developers for Beta Testing

Just like Find My iPhone, Apple also wants to release Find My Mac feature for its Mac Users and the first step to this goal has been initiated by opening the doors of Find My Mac beta testing for developers. This new feature was added in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4 but it was not available till yesterday.… Continue reading