How to Install and Update Your Computer to Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Release

Here are the step by step instructions to install and upgrade your PC to the latest Windows 10 1903 update or create a standalone bootable USB disk for a fresh installation. Microsoft has officially rolled out the next major release of its very popular operating system, Windows 10, to the general public, after testing for several weeks by the beta… Continue reading

Start and Schedule Hangouts Videos within Microsoft Outlook Using This Plugin

Microsoft Outlook is one of the mostly used email client, especially in the corporate environment. Though it is a part of Microsoft Office Suite but it is mainly used as a standalone application to manage the emails, and also to manage other tasks like calendars, contacts, meetings, task manager, web browser, note taking, journal etc Today Google has released a… Continue reading

Soon We can Install Windows in small devices like Coffee Mug, Teddy Bear, Robot or in any other toy

Microsoft has officially declared that they will be releasing an abridged version of Windows operating system which one can use to control and add features in many other devices other than PC, Tablets and smartphones. The tiny version will provide a new way of controlling and managing the objects like coffee mug, a robot, teddy bear, a toy train etc.… Continue reading

Windows 9 Threshold Release Date Tipped for April 2015

Is Microsoft planning to release Windows 9 in April 2015? We have interesting piece of information to share with our readers. As the BUILD conference is approaching, the rumor mill is speeding up. Today we have got a news from different sources that the next version of Windows  will be called Windows 9, instead of Windows 8.2, 8.3, 8.5… Continue reading

Can I Install Office 2013 & 365 on More Than One PC or Transfer from One PC to Another?

The day Microsoft introduced Office 2013 and Office 365 products, the licensing and transferability mingling is confusing the common users. The questions which arise in the minds of customers before the purchase or during the installing of these software on another PC include: On how many PCs can I install Office 2013 & 385? Can I transfer it from my… Continue reading

MS Office for Android Available for Download Finally

As the users are getting more and more handheld devices, the companies are also releasing the apps for these devices in order to get the maximum user-base. No doubt, Apple’s iOS and Google’s android OS are two most popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Every other person now have one smartphone which he uses on daily basis to check… Continue reading

Official Microsoft Outlook Web App for iPhone and iPad Released

From today’s release of new Official Outlook Web App, it is now clear Microsoft is determined to spread its core business across different devices and platforms. Last month they released the much awaiting Office application for iOS platform. The reviews of Office Mobile 365 were mixed. The negative comments were made mainly due to its limitations –  like… Continue reading

Microsoft Office Mobile 365 for iPhone and iPad Released

After a long time and long wait, Microsoft Office finally lands on Apple’s AppStore for small devices, i.e., iPhone and iPad devices. This product is not free. In fact you need to have Office 365 subscription in order to use on iPhone. Also Read: Official Outlook App Lands on App Store The app lets you to edit the documents on… Continue reading

Wordament – The Official Microsoft Game for iOS with Xbox Live App Integration

The popular word game for Windows Phone now lands in the App Store as well. Microsoft releases its first official game for iPhone, iPod Touch and other iOS devices.

Wordament is the first cross platform game for iPhone from Redmond quarters in which all the players playing from different operating systems compete on a single board. You are gives only two minutes to get the achievements like first finisher, best word found, total word score etc.


Where is Rotation Lock in Microsoft Surface? Find it Here

Microsoft Surface has a rotation lock hidden in the software. Unlike Apple’s iPad, there is no physical button present on Surface for rotation lock. iPad’s physical button, which is present on its side, can be configured either as a mute/unmute button or as rotation/orientation lock/unlock button. Apart from this physical button iPad also has a rotation lock option hidden under Switcher. As Surface runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system so the rotation lock is located somewhere else.


Microsoft Office 2013 RT Final Version Update Released (Home and Student)

Microsoft has just released an update for the users who are running MS Office 2013 RT Student or Home Preview edition. The update which converts the preview build into final release is 586MB in size. The new package will update the following applications of Office 2013 RT.

  • Microsoft Word 2013 RT
  • Microsoft Excel 2013 RT
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 RT
  • Microsoft OneNote 2013 RT

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Announced for Existing Windows Phone 7.5 Devices

If you are following the updates, you may know that Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 8 officially with the codename “Apollo“. Unfortunately this new version will not support the existing devices. To bring the new features of Windows Phone 8 to the current Windows Phone 7.5 devices, Microsoft will be rolling out an update Windows Phone 7.8 soon. This step will really make the Lumia users happy to some extend.


Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Based Surface Tablet

Everyone was expecting it and microsoft has finally made it. Microsoft Surface is just announced at a press event in Los Angeles. Apple iPad’s competitor, Microsoft Surface is Windows 8 tablet which will be released in two flavors, one powered by Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Chips with Windows Pro and the second powered by ARM chipset loaded with Windows RT.