Install Apple’s Magic Mouse Drivers on Windows 8 with Natural Scrolling and Battery Percentage

Recently I purchased Windows 8 Pro to experience the new features Microsoft is boasting about. After installing it on my laptop, the first prominent change I saw was the new start menu. Then I installed all the programs and software I use whenever I switch on my windows machine and voila! Everything went smooth. The … Continue reading

Windows Phone 7.8 Update Announced for Existing Windows Phone 7.5 Devices

If you are following the updates, you may know that Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 8 officially with the codename “Apollo“. Unfortunately this new version will not support the existing devices. To bring the new features of Windows Phone 8 to the current Windows Phone 7.5 devices, Microsoft will be rolling out an update Windows … Continue reading

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Based Surface Tablet

Everyone was expecting it and microsoft has finally made it. Microsoft Surface is just announced at a press event in Los Angeles. Apple iPad’s competitor, Microsoft Surface is Windows 8 tablet which will be released in two¬†flavors, one powered by Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge Chips with Windows Pro and the second powered by ARM chipset … Continue reading

Microsoft Finally Announces Three Flavors of Windows 8: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 RT

After the much hype Microsoft has finally revealed in a post on its blog that three editions of Windows 8 will be released when it is available. There are no Home, Premium or such flavors. This time they came up with new naming strategy. They’ll be releasing Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT soon.