New Action Center for Windows Phone 8.1 Blue Revealed in Confidential Document

Extracted from the confidential slides sent to few developers in an email related to upcoming features of Windows Phone 8.1, here is the screenshot of Action Center, also known as Notification Center in other operating systems like android and iOS.  Honestly, the first look at the image reminds me the Notification Center of an android phone. Update: Microsoft has… Continue reading

Google Poised to Supercharge Android With Motorola Mobility Purchase

Google in a surprising development announced today that they would be snapping up Motorola mobility for a sum of $12.5 billion. Motorola mobility is the handset manufacturing arm of Motorola. Buying a hardware division seems a little out of the sphere of Google as traditionally they have never been that much in the hardware manufacturing business. However, Motorola is one of the many manufacturers that utilize Google’s Android Platform, and has manufactured some Smartphone’s based on Android that were a success with the masses, specially the Droid series.


How to Unlock Motorola Xoom for Fast Software Flashes [Guide]

Motorola has already made it clear through its twitter account that Xoom tablet contains a unlockable/lockable bootloader which gives developers an easy access to hardware for development.

If you are one of developers or a simple user but want to put your own data like custom ROMs, which are coming very soon, on Xoom, here is a simple guide to unlock Motorola Xoom’s bootloader.


All About Motorola Xoom: Shipping Date, Official Update from Adobe about Flash and Teaser Ad

A page dedicated to Motorola Xoom is now live on Verizon Wireless website. As you know Motorola Xoom will be the first device running on Honeycomb, an android version especially designed for tablets.

But unfortunately the first few batches of Xoom which will be shipped on February 24 will not have flash.


Motorola MOTOPAD, the First Device with Android 3.0

We are still waiting for the official Android 2.3 announcement, but there are also news coming out about the Android 3.0 (aka lollipops and/or honeycomb).

According to a tweet by Eldar Murtazin, Motorola’s Motopad is the first device which will be released with preloaded android 3.0. As the name shows, Motopad will be a tablet definitely but with 7 inch screen size.


Finally Confirmed (unofficially): Motorola Droid X aka Xtream

If you remember we posted a “lost and found” story of Motorola Droid Shadow back in the month of May and then we posted some more pictures of a Motorola Droid Extreme (Xtreme). Finally all those rumors have been confirmed and a new phone Motorola Droid X is on the way.


Photos Comparison: Motorola Milestone / Droid vs Milestone XT 720

Motorola has just announced a new phone Motorola Milestone XT720 with 8MP camera, Xenon flash, 10.3mm thick and 3.7″ screen. The main difference between original Motorola Droid / Milestone and Milestone XT720 is physical keyboard which is missing in XT 720 model.


Updated and Video Added: Android and Android: Motorola Milestone XT720: 8MP Camera with Xenon Flash

Here comes one more android based mobile phone ! We were getting leaked pics of Motorola Droid Extreme, but the company has just announced a new Motorola Milestone XT720 which is said to be very close to Motoroi. According to the press release it will be running on android 2.1 but upgradeable to Android 2.2 (Froyo).


In Android 2.2 Moving Apps to Memory Card is as Simple as ABC

Why I like Symbian? In symbian based mobile phones when you install an app or game, you are asked about the storage location. You can select either phone memory or you can install all your apps on SD Card to save the space of phone for other functions. But android’s new version is one step ahead now.