Special Edition Red Mac Pro and Other Things Designed by Ive and Newson Sold for Millions

Special edition products get special attention, but no one can predict the level of attention. Sometimes, even the designers can’t estimate  their original value, and when such things are presented at a charity auction, they absolutely bring huge amount for the noble cause.

The specially designed Red Mac Pro by Jony Ive and Marc Newson were put at charity auction, and it brought a whopping $977000 this even in New York. It was expected to sell for $40,000 to $60,000 only.


BlackBerry Pulled BBM for iPhone Due to Leaked Android Version

Lucky are those who have already downloaded BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for their iPhone devices from the App Store because the company has pulled it for an undefined time. The official BlackBerry blog states that the reason behind removing iPhone app is the leaked android version which was made available in the Google’s Play Store. Due to this unofficial release, the… Continue reading

HTC One Mini Announced Here Are the Differences Between Mini and Big Brother

HTC is following the strategy of Samsung when releasing the variants of its major products. As we know Samsung releases the mini versions of their popular smartphones like Galaxy S3 mini andGalaxy S4 mini, the same is case with HTC. They have just announced the smaller version of highly appreciated mobile HTC One.

Definitely the main purpose of this new phone is to attract the low-cost market. And to reduce the cost of production, they have to either remove few features completely or reduce the quality of inner parts.


AccuWeather 3.0.1 for Android Gets Redesign, New Widgets, Landscape and Portrait Modes

AccuWeather, which is one of the most popular weather apps, is updated with new dress for android OS based handsets. I just installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can tell you one thing that is it runs smoothly and presents more detailed information. When we open AccuWeather 3.0.1 first time, after installing and downloading the required… Continue reading

Ubuntu Touch OS Developer Preview Released – Guide to Install it on Nexus Android Devices

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview build is now available and is ready to be installed on Nexus android devices. This initial version won’t bring all the functions to your device but the basic ones are present. You can make call, receive SMS, connect to WiFi network, use front and back camera and play with Shell and core applications. On the following… Continue reading

Apple is Filtering “Jailbreak” Term in the US iTunes Store

Apple is reportedly filtering the “Jailbreak” term from the iTunes items. All the categories are affected with this filter including Apps, songs, albums, podcast episodes, and iTunes U episodes. One of our readers told us that this filter is also blocking the term even in iBooks. Few moments ago I myself searched the term “Jailbreak” in iTunes and… Continue reading

Official Google Drive App for Mac OS X Goes Live for Short Time

Google’s cloud storage app, Google Drive, is about to go live within few days. TNW reported on its site, after getting the information from some reliable source, that the service would be live on Google domain next week, probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. They also say 5GB free storage option is also coming at the time of release. After… Continue reading

The First Image of BlackBerry London with BBX OS Leaked

The Verge published the story about BlackBerry London which is rumored to be the first phone running on BBX OS. According to the source the image sent to them seems to be a picture of a dummy phone. The actual device is still under development.

The Verge published the story about BlackBerry London which is rumored to be the first phone running on BBX OS. According to the source the image sent to them seems to be a picture of a dummy phone. The actual device is still under development. The phone you see in the picture above is apparently dubbed the BlackBerry “London,”… Continue reading

All Kindle Models Announced By Amazon: Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire

Amazon’s event is still going on and so far the company has unveiled three types of Kindle on the stage. One is called, simply, Kindle, the other one is Kindle Touch and the third Kindle is Kindle Fire. Here are the specifications of these models and their prices extracted from the event. Kindle Fire: It is an android-powered tablet, built… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Reaches 10 Million In Just 5 Months [Still The iPhone 4 Is Better]

The Android OS dominated smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S II, which was released by the Korean gadgets developing company back in April, has rocked the smartphone market. It has been on the top of the chart. Being much more faster than the iPhone 4, and having a bigger screen accompanied by better contrast and resolution, it has been the choice… Continue reading

HTC Runnymede’s Pics And Video Leaked

HTC’s new yet-to-come Android Phone, dubbed as the HTC Runnymede has been spotted across the web. HTC has been constantly on the go for producing new kind of Android and Windows Phone. In the past few days, there have been rumors and pics circulating all through the web of upcoming HTC phones. Only at the beginning of this month, HTC… Continue reading

Pics Of A Mysterious BlackBerry, Possibly BlackBerry 9980 Leaked

Is a new BlackBerry about to be released? It looks like a new device, possibly BlackBerry 9980, is around the corner, as pics of a new BlackBerry with a quite new design have leaked to the web. Now, you see, it is quite a new design though not bad. This photo first leaked through a Chinese blog, MaxPDA and they… Continue reading