Sony Files Lawsuit Against Geohot Over PS3 Jailbreak

After publishing the PS3 root keys publicly, Geohot released his first jailbreak for PS 3 firmware 3.55. Though he specifically wrote on his website that he doesn’t condone piracy and disabled peek and poke features, yet he has been sued for jailbreaking PS3.

The lawsuit is filed against George Hotz (geohot), “Bushing,” Hector Cantero, Sven Peter and “Segher” for bypassing effective technology protection measures employed by Sony.


Rubyra1n: The Next Jailbreak By GeoHot for iPhone, iPad, iPod on Latest iOS [Rumror]

A rumor is circulating around the internet town that Rubyra1n may be the name of next jailbreak tool for idevices on iOS 4.2.1. It started when a user discovered that the domain “” was registered by the iPhone hacker named George Hotz, who also discovered Limera1n exploit used in Limera1n Jailbreak tool that works up to iOS 4.1 and beyond.

Besides the whois record of, no other supporting material is found in the favour of this new rumor.


Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak Confirmed [Video]

Finally MuscleNerd, a member of iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that he has acheived untethered jailbreak on the latest iOS 4.2.1. He further explains that this method uses the saved SHSH blobs from Cydia servers to get the untethered jailbreak.

It is a backup plan because Comex is working on a more extensible method, but this one is also generalizable. Watch the video of jailbreaked iPod Touch on iOS 4.2.1 after the break.


PlayStation3 v3.55 Released, No Jailbreak for v3.55 Consoles Yet!

Sony has released PS3 software update v3.55. It is a minor update without any special feature and just to add security patch. I think it was expectable that a new software update would have been released after a video of PS3 v3.50 jailbreak surfaced.

It is recommended not to update your device to this software version if you want to keep your device jailbreaked or if you are planning to jailbreak PS v3.50 with a method that requires downgrading to previous version.


iOS 4.2 Final Version Delayed but Why?

iOS 4.2 Release has been postponed due to a bug found in the iOS GM (gold master) build. The bug is related with WiFi connection on iPad.

During the testing of iOS 4.2 GM the developers found that the iPad connects to WiFi successfully but the connection is lost after few minutes. Some users have reported that the same problem is also happening with iPhone 4.


How Well iPhone 3G Performs on iOS 4.2 [Video]

iOS 4.2 GM Release is already out and final version is being expected next week but after every new update some features are dropped for old models of iPhone and iPod Touch.

Hardware is the main problem due to which old iPhone models can’t support the new features properly like FaceTime, HDR Photography, Multitasking etc.


FaceTime for Jailbreaked iPhone 3GS [Video]

If you remember, Apple sent the iPhone 4 without enabling facetime in some countries esp in Middle East. But fortunately you can remove these restrictions / limitations after installing a simple tweak, MobileWhat, available for jailbreak iPhone 4 from Cydia Store.

Now the team behind MobileWhat is working on a new tweak called FaceIt-3GS that will enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. As iPhone 3GS doesn’t have front facing camera, so you will have to use the rear camera for this purpose.


No Facebook Phone, but some Annoucements for Phones

At Facebook Innovation Event Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that the company is not planning for any phone. However he announced some more features and updates for mobile users.

One of the big announcement among others is the single sing-in functionality. Once you are signed into your Facebook account on your phone, any other app using the Facebook API won’t ask the login details again.


Restoring iPad to Pre-Jailbreakable 3.2.2 with PwnageTool [Video]

Few hours ago we shared the news that iPhone Dev Team has successfully ported the Geohot’s Limera1n exploit into pwnagetool to make the custom iOS 4.1 firmware that will be jailbreakable and even unlockable with Ultrasnow.

Here is another feature coming in next version of PwnageTool that will enable the iPad users to restore the device to pre-jailbreak 3.2.2 firmware. MuscleNerd has uploaded the video on YouTube showing how PwnageTool does this flawlessly. Watch the video after the break:


iPad is Coming to Wal-Mart Next Week

Wal-Mart is going to sell iPad from next week and 1000 stores will be ready to deliver the iPad by the end of this month. The rumors were already floating around the web that Wal-Mart was going to offer iPad for sale in its US retail stores later this year but the changes are taking place rapidly and now you won’t need to wait longer.


De-Shokcing: Apple Removes BitTorrent ‘IS Drive’ App

IS Drive, a bitTorrent app for ImageShack’s Premium Users, which was approved two days ago has been removed from App Store. Though Apple relaxed the terms for approval process and it was being thought that IS Drive was accepted due to these revised guidelines, but Apple doesn’t want to see such apps in the store yet.