The Story Behind SHAtter Exploit Explained by p0sixninja [iOS 4.1 jailbreak]

SHAtter exploit is not a new thing for those who are interested in iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G jailbreak on iOS 4.1. It is the same exploit which is being used to develop the upcoming jailbreak.

Initially pod2g discovered this exploit to jailbreak the iPad but after the launch of JailbreakMe, which can jailbreak up to iOS 4.0, this project was closed. Now Apple has patched the hole in iOS 4.1 and again SHAtter exploit is being tested to develop next generation jailbreak.


Comparison: BlackBerry PlayBook vs iPad vs Galaxy Tab vs Dell Streak

BlackBerry PlayBook, which was introduced yesterday in Research In Motion’s annual BlackBerry Developer Conference, is a hot new gadget. The analysts say that both PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab will give a tough time to Apple’s iPad.

If we compare the features of these Tabs/Pads, PlayBook looks standing first. But one feature is still under debate and in fact it will decide the fate of PlayBook, i.e., Operating System. PlayBook will be running on BlackBerry Tablet OS developed by QNX which is a new OS for users and I think there won’t be much apps available for this system as well.


New Cydia will allow you to Connect with Facebook and Google

After the acquisition of Rock App, Saurik, the founder of Cydia App Store, is going to launch a redesigned Cydia App. One of important feature which is coming in new Cydia is integration with Facebook and Google.

Now you will be able to login using your Facebook and Google accounts and find those packages which your friends also liked. This new function was revealed after reading the code of new cydia:


BlackBerry introduces PlayBook – iPad Competitor

RIM introduced its own tablet “PlayBook” at the Research In Motion’s annual BlackBerry Developer Conference. This tablet will be based on BlackBerry Tablet OS which is developed by recently acquired QNX.

According to RIM PlayBook is capable of multitasking and also supports FLASH with 7″ inch screen. It will have two cameras, one on front side for video calling and another on backside.


Google Will Remain Default Search Provider on iPhone for Some Time to Come

I think, everything was going fine between Apple and Google until Google entered smartphone industry with its own operating system “Android”. But despite little tension, the business relationship between these two companies is continuing.

Recently Eric Schmidt, Google Chief Executive, talked with Charlie Rose of BusinessWeek about his company’s relationship with Apple:


Face Recognition Company Polar Rose Goes under Apple's Control

An unofficial news is spreading that Apple has bought all the shares of a Swedish Company “Polar Rose” which is very famous in face recognition.  Although  iPhoto has already got the feature of face recognition, but it seems Apple wants to bring improvement in this technology and to introduce it in some other apps.

Norwegian Mac Site Mac1, where the news was made public, says (via Google Translation):


Facebook Mobile and Facebook OS are being Built Secretly [Rumor]

This is going to be the most spreading news of the month that Facebook is planning to launch its own OS for mobiles soon. The work has already been started, according to the sources. There are also rumors that the company is negotiating with third part manufactures for a Facebook Mobile.

Two high level Facebook employees, Joe Hewitt who is the key figure behind original Facebook app and Firefox, and Matthew Papakipos who was lead developer behind Chrome OS before leaving the Google for Facebook, are said to be working secretly on the project.


iPod Touch 4G vs iPhone 4 – Speed Performance Test [video]

You will be thinking that iPhone 4 is much better than iPod Touch 4G especially when the criteria is performance. But this is not true according to this video shared by iSpazio. When we compare the hardware related to performance, the only difference we find is RAM which is 512MB in iPhone 4 while iPod Touch has got 256 MB RAM like iPad.


Apple Media Event Roundup: iOS 4.1, iOS 4.2, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iTunes 10, iPod Touch 4, Apple TV

Last night was very exciting for Apple fans. New version of iTunes, upgraded versions of iPod Nano and iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and a new Apple TV. In fact Apple gave its users much more than they were expecting. If you missed the live streaming of the event last night, here is the summary for our readers.

1. iOS 4.1:

This new version will be rolled out for certain iDevices models next week. iOS 4.1 fixes the proximity sensor issue and also brings new features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. The much awaited game centre is also introduced in this version. Attn: If you are using a jailbroken iPhone or you rely on carrier unlock, never update your iDevice untill iPhone Dev Team releases a new jailbreaking tool for it.

2. iOS 4.2:

iOS 4.2 will be released in November for iPhone, iPod Touch 4 and even for iPad. It will bring multitasking to iPad. We will also be able to stream music and  videos from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay ( a new name of AirTunes). A new feature “Wireless Printing” will also be introduced in this version.


Apple Drops iOS 4.0.2/iPad 3.2.2 to Patch PDF/JailbreakMe Exploit

I have just got news from trusted sources that Apple is going to release (released now, see update note at the bottom of this post)a new firmware iOS 4.0.2 for iPhone 4/iphone 3GS/3G and iPod touch to patch the PDF exploit within next few hours. It is to remind you that the new jailbreaking tool “JailbreakMe 2.0 (star)” also use this PDF exploit to jailbreak idevices on iOS 4.0/4.0.1 for iPhone and iPod and iOS 3.2.1 for iPad.


[Video] Unlock iPhone 4 baseband 01.59.00 with Ultrasnow 1.0 -1 on iOS 4.0/4.0.1

Here is a short video showing the iphone 4 baseband 01.59.00 unlock with ultrasnow 1.0 – 1. You can also read our step by step guide to unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 4.0 and/or iOS 4.0.1. If you have got iPhone 3G/3GS, you can follow the tutorial here. After this unlock your iPhone 4 will be free of any carrier and you can use any SIM card.