Install Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7 Custom Ringtone Manager

It is reported that Microsoft will allow users to install and set the custom ringtones on Windows Phone 7 in next Windows Phone OS update, but if you don’t want to wait for that OS release, here is ChevronWP7 custom ringtone manager which can deploy up to 5 ringtones on WP 7.

ChevronWP7 ringtone installer, in fact, creates the XAP package compatible with Windows Phone 7 and after that a XAP application is used to deploy this package to Windows Phone 7.


How to Jailbreak [Unlock] Windows Phone 7 with ChevronWP7

We know that ChevronWP7, the first unlock [jailbreak] tool for Windows Phone 7 is out. The fact is that unlocking WP7 is much easier than jailbreaking an iPhone.

What does this app actually do? In fact this apps saves your $99 (USD) and allows you to run those apps which you have created or other developers’ apps without having the Marketplace registration account.


Windwos Phone 7 Rooted, Near to Jailbreak [Video]

I am pretty sure that many hackers are trying to get the full root access (a first step to jailbreak) on Windows Phone 7 device by using different methods, but so far only an Australian Developer, Chris Walshie has gained the success.

No doubt Windows Phone 7 jailbreak will open new doors for users to customize the device according to their own ways. The demandingly important feature for Windows Phone 7 users is  “multitasking“.


Netflix is Available to Download for Windows Phone 7

The popular Netflix app is now also available to download for Windows Phone 7 users. It is a free app for WP 7 that allows you to watch TV shows and stream movies on your phone through Netflix servers.

With this application you can search titles of movies and shows and play them directly on the screen of your device. The more features of Windows Phone 7 are: