Certificate Backup App Saves and Restores Push and YouTube Certificates on Hacktivated iPhone

One of the common problems the users of hacktivated iPhone face is the inability of their iPhone to get push notifications. Some users can not connect to youtube servers using the official youtube app on these hacktivated devices. These types of problems arise because we activate the iPhone with Redsn0w or with some other app instead of using the official method which involves connecting the iPhone with iTunes after successful upgrade or restore of iOS on the device.

If you have the official Push and Youtube certs or you have purchased these certificates from any third party like Pushfix.info, you can safely save these certificates and restore them when needed. Certificate Backup app is released on Cydia store which will do these functions for you.

Certificate Backup will collect all certs and enclose them in a zipped file which you can download using iFile to store it locally or you can also send it to your email. This app performs one more thing and that is its feature to restore these certs back to their original position after you install a fresh iOS or the push functionality has stopped working on your device.

If the app gives you time-out error during retrieving process, it means either your device is very slow and is taking a lot of time to respond or the certs are not available for extraction. In either situation you should restarts your device and retry after closing all background apps.

You can download this app from Cydia store.

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