Chrome to WP7 App to Receive Links and Text from Chrome on Windows Phone 7 Released

Chrome to WP 7 is a new app for Windows Phone 7 handsets which works just like Chrome to Phone app for android. After installing the chrome extension in the desktop Chrome browser and Chrome to WP7 in the Windows Phone 7 mobile, WP7 users can send the links and other selected text from Google Chrome to their phone.

Chrome to WP7 is a free app available in the marketplace.

Here is the official description of the app:

Chrome to WP7 works similarly to Chrome to Phone for Android.  A push notification is sent to the phone, which will show up as a toast, and upon opening the app, a list of your most recent links and text are available, regardless of whether or not the push notification succeeded.  From within the app, you may email the Title/URL/Text, or open the link.

Chrome Screenshots:

Chrome to WP 7 Screenshot (phone):


  • Download and install Chrome to WP7 Extension for Google Chrome
  • Download and install Chrome to WP7 app for Windows Phone 7

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