CloseEnhancer – More Options to Close Apps in AppSwitcher

There are many tweaks available in Cydia store for jailbroken devices which provides us different options while closing the apps in AppSwitcher. For instance, KillBackground puts a small button on the right-bottom cornder when the icons are in jiggle mode. This small button allows you to close all the apps of AppSwitcher running in background in one tap. Similarly AlwaysClose tweak shortens the closing process. It doesn’t require the apps to be in jiggle mode. After installing AlwaysClose, you’ll always find the close button on the apps.

CloseEnhancer is an advanced app and a mixture of all these tweaks. This app provides many options under which you can change according to your need. Here is the screenshot of the options.

The first set of the options is to switch on/off the tweak. It also provides further options to choose how you want to close the applications from the switcher.

The second set of options allows you whether you want to put the icons under jiggle mode or not. Under that you can also choose your close button style. The next two options are very amazing. You can enable them to close all the apps or the last opened app from the app switcher using the Home Button presses.

To download this tweak from Cydia Store, simply refresh the chances and search for CloseEnhancer.

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