Comparison: JailbreakMe vs Greenpoison vs Limera1n

This comparison chart among JailbreakMe, Greenpoison and Limerain will answer the commonly asked questions by those iPhone/iPod/iPad users who are new to jailbreaking.

At one glance you can see which jailbreak tool supports which iOS version and iDevices. Moreover, you can also know wether the jailbreak is tethered or untethered and what type of exploit is used in the jailbreak.


This chart was published before the release of Greenpoison. But Greenpoison is out now and it is based on Limerain exploit instead of SHAtter exploit which has been saved for next jailbreak.

Comparison after the release of Greenpoison:

Comparison before the release of Greenpoison:

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3 Replies

  1. sombody please let me know , what should i do? i have unactivated apple, without at&t sim. now what should i do?how can i activate+Unlock+jailbreak for happy usage???

    1. Java5354says:

      i have the similar issue as saeed. i have an iphone 4 that i bought from another country and it’s not activated. When i power it on, it won’t get past the activation screen. I ran greenpoison and it seemed to be able to jailbreak it but after it reboots, I still couldn’t get past the activation/emergency call screen. i put an at&t sim card in and it can show the ICCID code but that’s pretty much it. Anyone knows what i can do to activate the phone and get past this screen? thanks!

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