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  • Hello, how are you?

    My name is Leandro Ferraris, I’m a member of Media Buying team in Kontextua.
    We work with three great products: Display, Inimages ads and Intext ads.

    I am seeking to acquire new quality traffic worldwide to monetize along with our campaigns.
    With our 3 different advertising formats, we offer a variety of opportunities to increase your profits and even generate new traffic.

    If you are interested in selling traffic too, just contact me.

    I hope to hear from you soon,

  • Hello,

    I’m Lajos from Polymorphic Dissociation. We just released our newest Android app which is a music visualization trying to go a different
    approach than the usual with some ugly lines or forms. Instead it has a nice looking effect with a lot of colors and even an onset detection
    system so that it can react according to the beats of a song.

    We would be really thankful if you could make a review of the app though unfortunately we can’t offer you a compensation for that.

    If you need anything else or have some questions just go ahead and ask.

    Lajos Ambrus from Polymorphic Dissociation

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