Create And Host Your Own Repository with iRepo [Guide]

iRepo is a new Cydia app for jailbroken devices which allows you to create and host your very own repository which then can be managed on both your PC and iPhone/iPad. With iRepo, you don’t need to have knowledge of Packages, repos, Linux or anything else.

A lot of repos are already available through Cydia App hosting thousands of apps, themes and tweak. The most popular ones are BigBoss and ModMyi. If not all, most of the apps and tweaks are found in these repositories. But the same advantage can turn against you sometimes. It can really get a bit irritating if all the apps, even the ones you dislike or are some garbage apps, clutter your screen.

Now, there is a solution to it. Get iRepo and make your very own repository in which you can make a collection of the apps used/liked by you, your friends or your any co-worker. While the sharing of apps is not that difficult through email attachments but sometimes the apps are so big, they just cant go with the specified attachment-email space. So making your own repository is the best way there is.

We are publishing a guide for your help:-

  • First of you should have a jailbroken idevice. If your device is yet to be jailbroken, consult our this Mini SiteMap for iPhone jailbreak and unlock related posts.
  • After you have jailbrokne your device, launch Cydia and search for iRepo.
  • Purchase iRepo which is available at the cost of $1.99 now but the price of this cool app may go up in near future.
  • After you install it and restart your device, you will see a new icon on iPhone homescreen.
  • Launch it and create a new repo having a unique name and little description. Passwords can also be set.

iRepo-screenshots enter description

  • Tap the “Save” button now, and then the “Enable Repo” button.

iRepo enter packages

There you go! Now you can upload your apps using desktop software like iFunbox or DiskAid. You can also fill up your repo on the go using iFile on your iPhone. iFile is a must have app for all jailbroken devices which is available through Cydia Store free.

Now, its up to you if you want to share your repository with your friends, family members, your co-workers, or even everyone!

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  1. jwcj123says:

    Is it actually possible to host a repo on ifile itself?

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