Create Videos of Instagram and Facebook Photos With Flipagram on iPhone

Though it is a personal preferance, but mostly people love photos rather than videos due to number of reasons. Photos are easy to capture. There is no special setup required to take them, besides a good camera having a flash. Editing and sharing of the photos is very easy. They take very less space on your SD or HD disk. Moreover, you can join the photos later to convert them into a video.


Flipagram is one of those iOS app which grabs your photos from different sources and mixes them to create a video to share with your friends and other family members. Currently sitting at top position in free app category in the store, this app is free to download for a limited time.

How it Works?

Once you install this app, you can connect it with your top photo sharing sites, that are Instagram and Facebook. Then you can choose which photos you want to use in the video making. If you don’t have any account with these social sites, or you don’t have enough and good photos stored on the sites, you can also use the Camera Roll pictures.

create videos of photos

Cool Features:

This app also comes with a quick toggle for making 15 seconds video. If you are using Instagram, you know that this social app allows us to upload not more than 15 seconds video. You can also make longer video if you want to share it on any other site or simply want to save it on your phone.

Another cool feature I like most of this app is its ability to add music. You can control the speed of the video and select the Start and End time of the music which you want to insert in it.


– INSTANT PREVIEW! View your Flipagram as you make changes.
– “Auto Time For Instagram”
– Or set your own timing to any length
– Ability to duplicate, delete, or crop photos.
– Optional title display with numerous font selections.
– Option to add a soundtrack from your music library.
– Adjust audio starting point.
– Video duration display.

Download Flipagram:

Till now Flipagram is available free of cost for both iPhone and iPad devices. If you don’t love such app now, even then you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Who knows when you get the interest of such things.

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