Kitkat Flavoured CyanogenMod 11 M Released for Select Devices, Download Now

download cyanogenmod 11

New version CyanogenMod 11, built on the taste of Kitkat, android 4.4, has been released by the team for few Google powered Nexus devices. They did a good work and did it in very short time. Usually we had to wait a little longer to get the new version supporting the latest features from the latest Android version.

download cyanogenmod 11

Supported Devices Right Now:

But there is a catch. First this build is not for all devices. Only Google branded devices Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 models are eligible to get the update. Secondly, it is not a final touch. The team developing Mod 11 recommends it to only professionals and experienced users at the moment.

The reason of supporting only Nexus devices, as mentioned by the official blog post, is that these devices contain similar hardware code and hence are easy to handle at one time. They have confirmed the support for more devices is coming in the next CyanogenMod 11 M1, M2, may be next week.

Well, many users would be curious to know what is this M1 and M2 release. As per official statement, these releases are in-between nightly builds and Release Candidate Version, these are M snapshot versions. The main purpose of these releases is to speed up the development process by getting more and more feedback and bugs from experienced uses. It might not work smoothly on your nexus device, so we don’t recommend it until they release a stable build.

Install CyanogenMod 11

Users of other popular android phones like Galaxy S4, S3, HTC One etc will have to wait a little longer, but it won’t take much time now as the first code is out now.

Where to Download it?

If you want to get the early taste and experience of CyanogenMod 11, you can download and install it from the official download page.

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