Did Apple Really Lose An iPhone 5 Prototype?

Just two days ago, it was reported by CNET, a popular tech blog, that Apple lost an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar Cava22. And now another site says Apple never lost its iPhone 5.

iphone5 prototype

Nobody could have doubted in this exclusive news by such a reliable source, CNET. Even we reported this news on our site. The report from CNET also said that they had no doubt in this loss by Apple, and many other bloggers rushed to capture this news on their blogs too.


But now, idownloadblog claimed that their was no iPhone prototype lost by Apple. Yesterday The San Francisco weekly also reported that the San Francisco police had no record of any ongoing investigations or even a complaint by Apple. So, Apple has never lost an iPhone 5 prototype.

The only problem that arises is that, why such a reliable news source such as the CNET  posted it exclusively? The San Francisco Weekly says,

There’s just one problem: SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza says no records exist of any such activity by SFPD inspectors.

“I talked to CNET” reporter Declan McCullagh, Esparza tells SF Weekly. “I don’t know who his source is, but we don’t have any record of any such an investigation going on at this point.”

So no records exist of the visit of police officers to Bernal Heights. We get only two answers to this, as reported by the CNET.

  • CNET made it all, just to get the coverage. But this seems too weak, as CNET is a reliable news source and cannot do such a thing only for coverage, as it could damage its popularity.
  • The other more stronger possibility is that the San Francisco bar, Cava22 made up this story as it is the only one gaining from this scandal.

We hope that we get to know the reason of all this, though we will surely to notify you as soon as we get to the bottom of this.

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