Disable Emergency Button on iOS 6 Lockscreen Until Permanent Fix Comes

disable emergency button

As we know two methods to bypass the passcode and to access the sensitive information are floating around the web these days due to the bug present in iOS 6. These methods use same technique and follow similar pattern to work. Any intruder can get the access to locked items by dialling an emergency number and then using few presses of physical buttons.

We are told that Apple is working on this issue and will release the fix in the future iOS 6.1.3 update. Until we find a permanent solution in stock firmware, here is a simple app available in Cydia store which disables Emergency call button at lock screen. Thanks to Jailbreaking!

If your iPhone is already jailbroken, fire up Cydia and search for “disableEmergency” app.

disable emergency button

This app won’t add any new icon on the homescreen after installing it. However, new option is added in the settings app where you can disable and enable the app any time. Moreover, you can also show a warning message to the user who taps on Emergency button that this option is disabled by the owner. Here are two screenshots of this app.



There would be definitely a reason to add Emergency button on lock-screen, but I don’t like the idea. If I have to call in any emergency, I can do after unlocking the device. I have already installed this app on my iPhone and I feel safe now.

What do you say about this issue and this app?

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