How to Disable Messages Notifications of Any Contact on iPhone

Silent SMS iMessages for a Contact

Are you worried about the unwanted messages you get from a particular contact, a marketing company, a friend? Or, you don’t want to be disturbed early in the morning by the messages you get from your cellular company? Or perhaps, the constant notifications from a group are annoying while you are doing something more productive on your iPhone? In such cases, you don’t need to worry. Apple’s iOS operating system provides us a one-click solution to this problem.

We can now turn off the notifications of one contact or multiple contacts on the iPhone within the Messages app. The notifications from other contacts will receive according to the default settings.

There is no doubt that social messaging services are more popular than the stock Messages app these days. But these online social services require internet connectivity to send and receive messages. These services also offer tons of other features to the users, including blocking a particular friend or muting the conversation.

Silent SMS iMessages for a Contact

The stock messages app is usually not packed with these advanced features. However, Apple has introduced a few most wanted functions for SMS and iMessages lovers in its latest iOS operating system on the iPhone.

The default messages app on your iPhone is the home to both regular text messages as well as iMessage chats. In the latest update, Apple has provided a function by which one can mute the conversation of a particular contact while the notifications from other contacts are received normally.

The one method to disable the notifications of a particular contact is to block it. However, in this method, you neither get SMS nor iMessages. In fact, you don’t know what the sender has sent you. The other drawback of this method is that it also blocks the calls from that contact too.

In the other method, one can easily block the notifications of the messages receiving from a particular contact or a group. The messages are still received in the Messages app, but you are not notified at all. The message tone doesn’t ring, the mobile doesn’t vibrate and even you don’t get any notification in the notification center. The only way you come to know that something has been received in the Messages app is through the red number badges if you haven’t turned it off too.

We will guide you on how to turn off messages notifications for on contact number or multiple contacts on the iPhone.

How to Turn Off Notifications for One Contact on iPhone

Before starting, it is important that you have updated your iPhone to the latest version. This feature may not be available in the previous version, or it might be a little different in any other iOS version.

Step 1.First of all fire up the Messages app from the Home screen or App library.

Step 2: Now go to the SMS conversation for which you don’t want to receive the notifications.

Step 3: Swipe left the messaging thread.

swipe left to show the bell icon for silence

Step 4: You will see two icons. The right side icon is to delete the whole conversation thread. The next to delete icon, on the left side, is a bell icon. Tap on this bell icon.


Step 5: After you tap on this bell icon, you’ll see a moon icon next to the message thread. You have successfully turned off the notifications for one contact on the iPhone.

Moon crescent icon in messages

Step 6: By repeating the same steps stated above, you can disable the notifications for multiple contacts.

It is pretty much easy, simple, and straightforward.

To make things a little complicated, there are other ways too to accomplish the same task.

Like, keep pressed the messaging thread for 1-2 seconds and you’ll get a pop-up menu. From there you can also enable the “Hide Alerts” feature.

Similarly, when you tap on the contact name at the top of the conversation thread, you’ll see an info icon.

Contact Info icon

Tap on this info icon, and you’ll also “Hide Alerts” option. Turn the switch on to disable all further notifications from that contact.

Hide Alerts in messages

How to Enable Notifications of Silenced Messaging Thread

If you have made a conversation silent after using the above-mentioned steps, you can repeat the same steps again to re-enable the message sound and notifications. Simply swipe left the conversation thread, and tap on the bell icon.

It is to be noted that whenever you get a new message in the muted conversation, the background of the moon turns blue. You’ll also see a new red badge on the Messages app icon.

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