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iPhones have their own Safari web browser, with clean and virus free browsing. But this Safari lacks in many functions, which the other desktop version provides. So many iPhone users look for a way around for a better web browser.

Safari web browserThose who are familiar with the jailbreaking, they are probably also aware about the unlimited amount of tweaks available for allowing you to use any type of browser/app on your iPhone that Apple doesn’t allow. Some of the issues with Safari is the normal tabbed browsing being not available. Its more like a new page, and does not has the fast response.

Now, you will possibly be also aware of Dolphin Browser. It was a third party app for the Android OS until now, as its iOS version has just been released. This Dolphin Browser is alike the most used browser on Desktop “Google Chrome” which uses the tab system allowing the user fast browsing and instantaneous preview of the page.

Features Of Dolphin Browser:-


Now using this browser, you can add favorites  in a prompt and quick manner using the speed dial and this the app even supports gesture-based browsing – similar to the effects you can achieve with the Sleipnizer jailbreak tweak for Safari. Their is also an extra feature for saving a thing you want to view later. There is even a sidebar to access your downloads, mod your gestures and some other important settings. With an incredible amount of features, it still manages to keep a clean and simple. UI which is easy to navigate. Many apps with a lot of features make the mistake of being cluttered, but Dolphin manages keep everything relevant and organized.

dolphin tabsThe above screenshot is of  a new tab page in the dolphin browser. A new feature is also introduced in this browser, Dolphin Webzine. This feature allows a user to stay in touch with social networks, and keeps you up-to-date with blogs.

The even greater thing is that this browser is completely free. Dolphin Browser with seemingly endless features is now available for download at the App Store. You must check it out. It deserves a try.

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