How to Downgrade iPad 06.15 Baseband to 05.13.04 with Redsnow 0.9.14 b1

Finally the wait is over. Now we can successfully downgrade the iPad 06.15 baseband to normal 05.13.04 baseband on iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS using the latest Redsn0w 0.9.14 b1. As usual Redsn0w 0.9.14 b1 is available for download on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

In this post we will tell you the complete downgrade process step by step. Here are the things you’ll need during this downgrade process.


  • iPhone 3GS/3G updated to iPad baseband. iPhone 3GS with new bootrom should read the precautionary note written at the bottom of this post before applying this downgrade hack.
  • Stock .iPSW file of the iOS which is currently installed on your device.
  • Redsnow 0.9.14 b1 version
  • A USB cable.


Step 1: Download the zipped Redsn0w file and extract it.

Step 2: Launch Redsn0w, go to Extras and select the iPSW file which you installed on your device.

redsn0w 0.9.14b1

Step 3: Now connect your device with PC.

Step 4: At this step make it sure that you shut down your device properly by using the “slide to power off” option. This step is very important.

Step 5: Go to first screen of Redsn0w and click on the “Jailbreak” option.

Step 6: After Redns0w has prepared the jailbreak data, check “Downgrade from iPad baseband” option. Uncheck “Install Cydia”option if you have already running Cydia on your device.

Step 7: Now prepare yourself to put your device into DFU mode.

Step 8: Follow the on-screen instruction to put your device into DFU mode.

Step 9: Once your device is in DFU mode, Redsn0w will exploit it with Limera1na and reboot it. After the reboot, Redsn0w will inject the new Ram disk and other jailbreak data.

Step 10: At this last step your iPhone will display a pwnapple icon telling you that baseband flashing is being performed. This step might take 2-10 minutes.


After your device reboots again it will have the original 05.13.04 baseband. Now you can launch Cydia, install Ultrasn0w to unlock your device.


For those who are wondering if you can update your 3G or 3GS to 06.15 solely for the purposes of downgrading to 05.13.04, the answer is “yes” for 3G owners, and “maybe” for 3GS owners.  The iPad baseband is not compatible with 3GS units manufactured week 34 of 2011 or later.  If you have an iPhone3GS and if digits 3-5 of its Serial Number are 134 or later (xx134…), then you should NOT try to install the 06.15 baseband on your 3GS!  It will brick your radio, preventing both the downgrade from working and normal iPhone software from using it as a phone!  Be warned!


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    is it compatible for my 3gs here’s my first 8 digit of my iphone 3gs. 01203100xxxxxxx


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