Download Covert to Enable Private Browsing in Safari [New Tweak]

Covert is a new app for iOS that enables the private browsing on iPhone/iPad/iPod just like private browsing with firefox, opera or any other browser on desktop. It is very useful in situations when we don’t want to leave any trace of browsing on iPhone. This tweak is released by Chpwn who also developed some other handy apps for iDevices like Infiniboard, Infinidock, Infinifolers, pro-switcher etc.

download covert

The switch from one mode to another is very simple, just press the button at the bottom right of the toolbar of Safari to see the tabs and press the “Private Browsing”.

private browsing on safari

When the private mode is active, the color of safari will be gray to tell us that everything we visit will not be recorded. Chpwn has mentioned on twitter that this new tweak has been sent to Cydia and soon it will be available to download free.

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