Official Facebook Pages Manager iPhone App Available for Download Now in US Store

Facebook has released another app called “Facebook Pages Manager” for iPhone which lets you to manage all the pages you control. It lets you view the recent activity, update status, upload photos, get the notifications and view pages Insights. Just like its ancestor Facebook App, the UI of Facebook Pages Manager is also very clean and neat. You can manage multiple pages and respond to the queries of reader on the go.

After installing Facebook Pages Manager on my iPhone I found that its little bit slow and needs more improvements. Most importantly it misses the Private messages feature.

The app is currently available for download through New Zealand AppStore. It will be rolled out to other countries soon. However, it is interesting that Facebook is founded in the US but this very important app is released outside the US. I don’t know what’s the logic behind this but it seems the company wants to get the feedback and the reports from limited users before it releases it for all.

– Post new updates and photos as your Page
– Get notified about new activity on your Page when it happens, no matter where you are
– Respond, post and comment as your Page while you’re on-the-go
– Manage all your Facebook Pages from one app
– View your latest Page Insights


Download Facebook Pages Manager App for iPhone [New Zealand iTunes Link]


Facebook Pages Manager app is now available for download through US iTunes Store. Get it now on your iPhone if you have US iTunes account. Here is the iTunes link.

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  1. Bentonsays:

    Thank you for the review. It seems like it has all of the same features as the normal facebook app, though maybe easier to access? I’d just download it, but I’m an Android user. :(

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