Get Free 3D Parallax Wallpapers on Android Phone Including Samsung Galaxy S3

3D parallax wallpapers for android free

Parallax is a phenomenon in which an object is viewed from two different angles or two different lines of sight and difference is measured by the angle of inclination. You can read more about parallax effect on Wikipedia. These days smartphones users can also install the wallpapers containing parallax effect. Apple is pioneer in it. They introduced Parallax wallpapers in iOS 7. Later the developers of other operating systems especially those of android OS ported the concept android to develop this type of wallpapers by using different techniques.

If you have got an android device with gyroscope, you can truly enjoy these wallpapers on your device. Fortunately I have Samsung’s Galaxy S3 which is included with gyroscope support. I recently installed one wallpaper which is called Mountain Now, inspired by Google Now and I was really impressed by it. The developer did a good job.

In this wallpaper you can enable or disable 3D parallax effect in the settings. Besides it, you can also change the number of clouds, speed and sensitivity. After adjusting these settings, tilt your device and enjoy the wallpaper.

parallax wallpaper settings

Here is the screenshot of this 3D parallax wallpaper on my phone. By the way I don’t like the stock launcher, so I replaced it with Kitkat launcher which you can get from internet in original form but modified versions are also available in the Play Store if you want to install it.

3D parallax wallpapers for android free

There are also few other wallpapers available free of cost by the same developer Incast. If you search Play Store for “Parallax”, you’ll find tons of free and paid wallpapers of this category.

Motoko Parallax Live Wallpaper - Android Apps on Google Play

You can also download these ones too which are my favorite as well.

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