iOS 4.3 Released for iPhone 4, iPad, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G/4G

Apple has just released iOS 4.3 public version for all idevices excluding iPhone 3G. Earlier we were told by Steve at iPad 2 Media event that it would be released on March 11 but it is now available for download.

The important official changes in iOS 4.3 include:

  • Personal hotspot for iPhone 4 GSM
  • iPad Side Switch – Use it either Silent switch or screen rotation lock
  • Improved Safari performance
  • AirPlay enhancements
  • Home Sharing

Connect your device with PC and click “Check for Update” button on iTunes to get this latest version on your device.


Download: (Download links will be posted soon)

Apple has also released iOS 4.3 for three different versions of the iPad 2 (we guess it’s WiFi, GSM and CDMA), links below if, for some reason, you want to download the firmware early.

  1. iPad 2,1
  2. iPad 2,2
  3. iPad 2,3


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