Hootsuite is now available to Download for iPad

Hootsuite has just released an iPad version of its popular Twitter client. Like the Hootsuite for iPhone and Web, Hootsuite for iPad also supports multiple social networks and profiles.

The feature which I like most, apart from multiple accounts support, is that you can schedule tweets and messages to send in the future. Hootsuite for iPad also allows you to import accounts from Web version with a simple migration wizard.

We’ve artfully hand-crafted this mobile app specifically for the iPad’s unique interface and designed it to compliment your HootSuite web account. This new owl makes use of the iPad’s large screen size to maximize the tools you’d typically use on the device, plus includes most of the goodies that you currently enjoy in HootSuite.

Here are some of the features in new iPad Hootsuite:

  • Manage Twitter accounts, lists, and search streams
  • Update Facebook Profile and Business/Fan Pages
  • Check-in and shout via your Foursquare account
  • Translate messages to/from 50+ languages
  • Schedule messages to send in the future
  • Examine Ow.ly click-through stat reports
  • Add geo-location coordinates to messages
  • Share and store photos and files
  • Shorten web addresses with Ow.ly


  • Download iPad Hootsuite from the App Store free

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