Download iPad Mini and iPad 4 iOS 6 Firmware Files

The iOS 6 firmware files for iPad mini and iPad 4 are already available for download before the release of actual products. Apple announced iPad mini last week, which is a smaller iPad having 7.9 inches screen size. The main purpose of this new product seems to grab the market share of smaller tablets esp of those running on android operating system.

Along with iPad mini firmware, iPad 4th generation iOS 6 is also available now. The build numbers for the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation are 10A406 and 10A407, respectively.

The availability of these firmware files through Apple servers also shows one more important thing that the iPad mini and the upgraded iPad 4 will be shipped with iOS 6 installed on them. So, iOS 6.1 or iOS 7 is not coming on November as some people were thinking that Apple might push a minor update containing the fix for Apple Maps and fast battery drainage issue on iPhone 5.

Download iOS 6 iPad Mini and iPad 4:

Download iOS 6 for iPad Mini (iPad2,5) build number 10A406

Download iOS 6 for iPad 4 (iPad3,4) build number 10A407

You can also download iOS 6 final version for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2/3 etc from our this post.

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