MySquare – Another FourSquare client for Windows Mobile – Free and Premium

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Many FourSquare clients are already available for Windows Phone (mobile) including the most popular WinmoSquare which does not have a good reputation for stability and functionality. RisingMobility has released a new client “MySquare” with more features and functions.

MySquare is available in both free and premium versions. The premium version has full integration with maps services and you can also disable the ads in premium version.

Features of MySquare – The important features of MySquare app for Win Mobile are:

  • use your location to find out nearby places;
  • see your friends latest check-ins;
  • view tips of places;
  • share your experience with others;
  • explore foursquare and earn points and badges;
  • use even gps or network fix;
  • integrated with google maps;

Download MySquare:

Here is the direct download link for MySquare but you can also visit the official site for latest news. Your Windows Mobile must have a touch display and OS 6.0 or higher to install this app.

How to Install it?

First of all, download the latest version. You will recieve a cabinet file. The cabinet is suitable to download and install directly on your phone. Move this file to your phone using your usb cable and open it using the file explorer.

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