Sony PlayStation Emulator for Android hits the Market [Videos]

Finally android users can join the Sony PlayStation Emulator fun with PSX4Droid 1.0. PSX4Droid is initially released for high-end android mobiles like Droid X and Google Nexus One. In order to make full use of PSX4Droid for android you will need a PS Bios file and ROMs.

The main features included in this first release are:

– Uses formats BIN, ISO, IMG, PBP, Z, ZNX, and Eboot (compressed too)
– WiiMote controller works
– Trackball Dpad
– Memory card and save states
– Virtual control overlays
– Scaling modes
– More!

This first release looks really solid in these demo videos of Need for Speed on Droid X and Crash Bandicoot on Google Nexus One.

Download PSX4Droid:

Ah! unfortutely this app is not free, but you can purchase it for $5.99 from the android market if you are a gamer and a real Sony PlayStaion Games lover.

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