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Apple’s App Store contains a lot of free apps to download Instagram photos and videos but most of them are either not free or provide only the limited number of downloads after that you have to either get an in-App purchase or earn some coins to continue more downloading. In this article, we’ll discuss what are other options available and how to use them.

If you love photography, you are definitely using Instagram to share your awesome pictures and to see the photos shared by others.


Instagram Community is marvelous. It is where you can meet the photographers who are gifted with some extraordinary qualities. They can turn any simple looking place, nature, person, or landscape into a fantastic and self-speaking photos. If you don’t know that sometimes photos speak, come to Instagram.

Whenever I browse through my Instagram feed, I want to save some photos and videos to my iPhone for later viewing. But the trouble is that they don’t allow us to download the media shared by others.

There might be some copyright issues, but it seems obvious they want us to use their app by encouraging us to come back to view more and more amazing moments captured in behind the lenses.

How to Solve the Problem?

There are many ways, methods, tricks, downloaders, and apps which let us download Instagram videos and photos with few taps.

Broadly speaking, these tools can be divided into two categories.

1) Tools for those users who have a jailbroken iPhone
2) Tools for non-jailbroken iPhones

If you fall under the first category, you don’t need to worry much. All you have to do is to simply launch Cydia store and find a free Instagram tweak. The beauty of these tweaks is that they surprisingly integrate with the official stock Instagram app. Once installed, we don’t need to run any third-party app to save the media to iPhone. We’ll discuss a beautiful such tweak in details below.

If you have got an iPhone which is not jailbroken, you’ll have to take the help of a third-party application or website.

How to Download Instagram Photos / Videos on Non-Jailbroken iPhones

Downloading Instagram Pictures:

Literally speaking, there are a lot of apps available for this purpose. Simply fire up iTunes and enter the following search term “Instagram photos save” in the search box and see.


All first 30 apps showed up against this search terms are free. Isn’t it amazing? But there is a catch in every app. You’ll have to either buy something from in-App purchases or collect some coins to continue downloading the pictures. The saving of Instagram Photos is free for limited pictures only.

This is the reason I don’t use any such app. I use a website for such purpose. One of my favorites is

If you use an online website, you save not only the memory taken up by installing the app, but also the money.

The use of such websites as an Instagram photos downloader is very simple.

  1. Open Safari or any other browser.
  2. Enter or the address of any other website which can be found by a simple googling.
  3. Paste the already copied “Share URL” from Instagram.
  4. Tap on Go and let the site download your required pic.
  5. Tap and Hold on the photo to save to iPhone memory.

Downloading Instagram Videos:

If you want to download the video, it is very simple compared to the image downloading. Simply search “file download manager” or “video download manager”, and you’ll get many apps in iTunes’ App Store.


These types of apps can work as Instagram videos downloaders. Simply copy the video URL in these apps’ browser and save the video to iPhone.

My favorites downloaders include:

1. iDownloader
2. iFile Organizer
3. File Downloader

How to Download Instagram Photos / Videos on Jailbroken iPhones

You are a lucky person if you have already jailbroken your device. Now you can install those apps, themes, tweaks, and add-ons which are not available in the official Apple’s App Store.

There are many tweaks available to download Photos and Videos from Instagram app to iPhone. Some are free, others cost money while some are based on advertising strategy. Example are:

1. InstaSave
2. Instagram ++
3. HackInApp
4. InstaBetter
5. InstaTools

Among these, my favorite tweaks are InstaBetter and InstaTools. Currently, I am using InstaBetter on my iPhone.


It has got tons of features, like:

  • Save hi-res images and videos
  • Hold down on images to zoom
  • Mute users from the home and activity feeds
  • Hide sponsored ads
  • Custom Locations for Media
  • Show follow status on user profile (Similar to Twitter)
  • Share sheet for text and images
  • Open links in Instagram or in the new Safari View Controller
  • Make any comment links clickable and open in Instagram.
  • Fake follower, following, and verified status
  • View DMs without notifying the sender
  • All features can be toggled on or off
  • Enable and disable InstaBetter with the flip switch integration
  • Enable grid view, or toggle between it on the home feed
  • Confirm likes when double tapping photos or videos
  • Show the full time for feed items by clicking on the timestamp button
  • Enable or disable sound and auto-playing of videos
  • Hold down on direct message images and videos for sharing and save options
  • Double tap to view profile pictures
  • Repost content right from the Instagram app

Got jailbroken iPhone? Install this app and forget about everything. You can enable or disable this tweak any time, without requiring iPhone restart or respring.

If you are using any other app, trick or technique to save InstaPhots and InstaVideos to iPhone, let us know in the comments section below.

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