Skyfire 2.2 Browser is Now Available in Android Market


Skyfire 2.2 has been released for android based mobile phones with many new features and enhancements. It is to remind you that the day before yesterday Opera also released the android build of opera mini with improved performance and page layout.

The new changes in Skyfire 2.2 are:

  • GeoLocation Support.  Skyfire now supports the HTML5 GeoLocation feature. Thus, for example, Google and other web pages that use the location feature will be fully working.
  • Vertical Search Results. When searching with Skyfire several result options are available, such as Google, Videos, Trends, Twitter and Amazon. We will add more providers from time to time, so send us feedback.
  • Set as Default Browser. For Android 1.5 to 2.1 Skyfire supports setting the default browser option within Skyfire. Unfortunately, Android 2.2 does not provide that option.

Skyfire 2.2 is available to download in the android market free of cost.

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