Skyfire Releases Skyfire VideoQ to Play Flash Videos on iPhone and iPad

One of inabilities of iOS is not to support Flash based content like Videos, Games etc on idevices. But today Skyfire releases an app for iPhone and iPad devices that lets you play Flash videos on your devices. It is now available for download from app store.

Skyfire VideoQ™ is a new kind of App that lets you watch Flash Videos while browsing with Safari or any iPad/iPhone browser! Simply click the ‘Mail Link to this Page’ on any browser to email the video URL to your ‘Queue’ and open the App.

Watch video from across the internet that would not usually work on iOS, and see what are the ‘hot’ videos of the day as judged by the ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ across millions of Skyfire users.
Skyfire, maker of the #1 ranking third-party browser in the AppStore, brings you this exciting new app: Skyfire VideoQ™. It’s not a browser, but an entertainment App with two revolutionary features.

  • FIRST, watch Flash videos while using any browser!
  • SECOND, enjoy the most popular Flash Videos of the Day in our ‘Hot’ List

Well it is to be noted that Skyfire VideoQ supports only Flash videos and it will not work with Flash Games or with any other flash based content. In fact the app uses the Skyfire Servers to convert the video and then pushes the video on your device’s screen. VideoQ supports more than 200,000 websites and more are being added everyday.


  • Download Skyfire VideoQ for iPhone and iPad

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