Download TinyUmbrella v4.1.8 to Save SHSH Blobs

A redesigned TinyUmbrella with new UI has been released. TinyUmbrella v 4.1.8 lets you to save the SHSH blobs of iPhone 4 so that you can downgrade to previous iOS version any time.

You can also use TinyUmbrella to upgrade the iPhone 4 while preserving the baseband. Head over to this post for more details how to update iPhone 4 without changing the baseband.

The new changes in TinyUmbrella v4.1.8 are:

  • Totally redesigned UI for all platforms (inspired by chpwn refined by me)
    • Original artwork by iOPK of Chronic Dev Team
    • Spinny Icon code (thanks to technomage)
    • Quaqua look and feel (sorry mac only due to license restrictions)
    • Much cleaner look and feel all around
  • Known Devices!
    • Now all devices detected by TinyUmbrella are saved for future use!
    • You can remove them as well :) (Right click -> delete from history)
    • You can save SHSH with known devices as well (No more requirement for the device to be connected)
  • Recovery Devices
    • If you connect a device in recovery mode you can still kick it out of recovery (Right click -> Kick out of recovery)
  • Save SHSH now saves ALL SHSHs available at Cydia with one button press!
  • Preferences
    • Change SHSH save directory
  • Proxies (Web and Socks) for those that need them!
  • Better port 80 detection.

Note: This version saves only iPhone 4 SHSH blobs. iPhone 3G and 3GS users are advised not to try this tool to save SHSH blobs for their idevices because it won’t work.


  • Download TinyUmbrella v4.1.8 for Win
  • Download TinyUmbrella v4.1.8 for OSX
  • Download TinyUmbrella v4.1.8 for Linux

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