Unc0ver 3.1.3 is Now Available for Download

how to use unc0ver 3.1.3

Unc0ver v3.1.3 is now available for download to jailbreak your supported iDevice on iOS 11-iOS 12 operating system.

A few days back, Pwn20wnd released the overhauled and improved version of this tool with the version number 3.1.0. Later he rolled out two more updated to fix some minor issues reported by different users.

Today, Pwn20wnd announced a new updated with more fixes for the bugs and issues.


Changes in Unc0ver so far

Unc0ver v3.1.0 was the major release after a very long time. We have already written a complete article about it. You can read all the changes and new features introduced in that version here.

The subsequent minor releases bring the following changes to the jailbreak software.

Unc0ver v3.1.1:

There are two important changes in this version.

1. The restoration process of the root filesystem is fixed on those devices which are not in the jailbreak state.

2. The device will automatically reboot once the jailbreak is complete. In the previous version, the user has to tap the OK button to respring.

Unc0ver v3.1.2:

The next version fixes a small bug on smaller display devices.

Some users on old iPhone models like iPhone 5S were facing some misaligning interface in the settings. This is now fixed.

One more option is added in which the user can hide the progress heads up display while the jailbreak is in progress.

Unc0ver v3.1.3:


This latest release includes several improvements and fixes for bugs after they were reported by many users.

According to the official changelog following changes are made in this latest version of unc0ver jailbreak.

  • Kernel patches are updated to user a safer allocation method.
  • A logic bug which appears while remounting the root filesystem is fixed.
  • Jailbreak complete notice now shows the missing information.
  • Machswap and machswap2 don’t depend on stealing the kernel’s credentials.

There are a few more minor changes included in this version.


Which Version should I use?

Many users, both with the already jailbroken devices and with the fresh, non-jailbroken devices, ask the same question that which version of unc0ver should we use for our iPhones.

According to the version of unc0ver you are currently using on your device, the answer to the above question can be divided into three parts.

1. If you are using the version older than 3.1.0 and you are facing any issue, like random restart, iPhone heat-up, fast battery draining issue, app crashing, etc, you should definitely give a try to the latest version.

Unc0ver Old Version

2. If your device is already jailbroken with v3.1.0 and it is running smoothly, you don’t need to install the latest version of unc0ver jailbreak. The latest version includes only some minor bug fixes and there is no need to re-jailbreak.

3. if your device is still non-jailbroken, you should start from the most recent version first. If that doesn’t work on your iPhone, give a try to the next one, and then to the next one.

According to reports, some users failed to jailbreak their devices when they used the latest release. But they achieved a successful jailbreak while using an older update.

If you don’t know how to jailbreak your device using unc0ver, head over to the first post, where we have written the complete jailbreak process.

Download Unc0ver 3.1.3

Here is the direct download link of unc0ver 3.1.3. It is also available for download on the GitHub page.

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