Download Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Rom For HTC HD7 And Some Other Headsets

Just a couple of moths ago, Microsoft announced the next version of Windows Phone, dubbed as Mango. Though none of the devices running the previous version of the OS, have officially obtained the upcoming version till now but leakers have already made it available for some devices before the official roll-out, as usual.


Few days ago, the Windows Phone 7.5 ROM for the HTC Mozart was leaked. Same thing happened the last month, when an unmodified version of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango ROM for some other devices leaked through the web, but a lot of basic functions and software were missing in it such as the HTC Hub, stock widgets and even a small notepad. So the one who upgraded his Windows Phone, must be suffering. Most of the users won’t have upgraded their devices, and there is good news for the ones who didn’t upgrade as now the modified version of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango ROM has leaked for the HTC HD7 and even some other handsets without having to lose the basic tools.

The leaked ROMs are available for the HTC HD7, HTC Gold (Pro), HTC Mozart, HTC  Spark (Trophy), HTC and HTC Schubert (HD7).

Just remember one thing:-

First without loading a custom ROM, remove the HSPL(Hard Secondary Program Loader) by running the HSPL remover utility. (Check this guide for more assistance)

Loading any Custom ROMs without removing the HSPL could void the warranty of your device permanently so be sure to do this.

You can get the ROM for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango here. If you are eager to download it early than its the only way, but if you are satisified with the previous version of the Windows Phone, than we advice you to stay on your system till the official release as safe is better.

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