Download Yosemite OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 Wallpapers

Yosemite wallpaper

Yesterday Apple released the new versions for its two popular product lines: iOS 8 for smartphones and tablets and OS X 10.10 for computers. Each version contains tons of new features. The new update of OS X gets the iOS 8 like look and design whereas iOS 8 gets new features and  integration with OS X.

Apple - OS X Yosemite - Overview

Update: If you want to download the default wallpaper introduced in macOS Sierra, get it from here. iOS 10 wallpaper is also available for download.

Almost every major update of iOS and OS X also brings new wallpapers with it. The wallpaper present in OS X 10.10 is the the picture is of Half Dome which lies across the Yosemite Valley from El Capitan. Apple also gave the name “Yosemite” to new OS X 10.10 after this park.

Yosemite wallpaper

Download iOS 8 and Yosemite Wallpapers:

You can download the wallpaper for your Mac or Windows computer by clicking on the below link. If the download doesn’t start automatically in your browser, simply right click on the open image and save it in your preferred location on your PC and later you can set it as desktop wallpaper or screensaver. The size of wallpaper is about 4.3MB.

Download Yosemite Wallpaper (high resolution 5418 x 3048)

iOS 8 also contains new wallpaper which is blue in color. It looks like an inverted image of a lake. You can also invert it to get a better view. This wallpaper can be downloaded directly on your iphone or ipad using safari. Later you can set it as wallpaper from Photos or Settings app.

original iOS 8 wallpaper

You can also download it for another phone like an android device after visiting this page on your android browser and then clicking on this download link.

  • Download iOS 8 Wallpaper for iPhone (original)
  • Download iOS 8 Wallpaper for iPhone (modified)
  • Download iOS 8 Wallpaper for iPad (retina) and tablets

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  1. Andy O.says:

    FYI – the picture is of Half Dome which lies across the Yosemite from El Capitan.

    1. Andy O.says:

      *Yosemite Valley* that is —

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