Dual-boot Windows-Android Tablet This Year By Gigabyte

Taiwanese component manufacturer Gigabyte is all set to introduce a new contender in the already over-crowded tablet market. Right now, in the world of tablets, there’s only one reigning king The iPad. And then there’s everyone else. Despite the hype created by Motorala Xoom, it just wasn’t able to make its mark in the market. Gigabyte hopes to make it all the way by offering the dual boot tablet.

Image shown is of Gigabyte S1080 and for reference only because on non availability of images of the new Gigabyte dual booting tablet


This line of Gigabyte tablets will be able to run either Android or Windows 7. It would give users the option to choose when they start up their tablets. Having these two options of operating systems would be great for casual internet surfers who would prefer Android as well as for more business oriented  who would find Windows more compatible with Microsoft Office and other day to day office tasks.

As far as the specs are concerned Gigabyte says that design has not been finalized as yet and they are still considering which version of Android to use, although we think that Honeycomb would definitely be preferred over Froyo due to the better adaptability of the former on large screen devices. An Intel Atom processor is to be at the heart of the tablet but chances of  USB ports are bleak like the Gigabyte S1080.

Unfortunately no information on pricing is available as of now.

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