How to Enable Disk and iTerm Diagnostic Mode on iPod Nano 6G

As you know that new iPod nano 6G models don’t have click wheel anymore and to activate the disk mode you will have to use slightly different button combinations. In addition to the disk mode, sixth generation iPod Nano also contains a hidden and secret “iTerm” diagnostic mode. Once activated this iTerm mode, you can use hardware button present on iPod nano to browse the different options like power, audio, remote, memory etc.

Follow these simple steps to activate / enable disk and iTerm modes on iPod Touch 6G.


Disk Mode on iPod nano 6G:

First, the nano needs to be reset by holding down the sleep and volume down buttons until the Apple logo appears. Holding down both volume buttons during the reset enables Disk Mode.

iTerm Mode on 6th Gen iPod nano:

If you hold down all three buttons, iPod will go into secret iTerm mode, briefly flashing the message “iTerm: iPod Display Console” on screen.

Similar to previous version, this new iPod also contains the hibernation mode. The hibernation mode starts automatically if you don’t use the device for 14 hours.

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  1. Chrissays:

    For disk mode you only need to hold the Volume Up button.

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