How to Enable / Disable DFU and Recovery Mode on iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus

how to enable / disable DFU and recovery mode on iPhone X, iPhone8 & iPhone 8 Plus

If you are an owner of an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, the process to enable DFU mode and Recovery mode on these devices is different from the older models. The main reason behind this difference is the absence of the Home button on these models. But you don’t need to worry or panic, the process is fairly simple and straightforward.

The process to enable and disable DFU / Recovery mode on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is also similar to iPhone X and iPhone 8. You can follow our this step by step guide to enter DFU mode on 7 series iPhone models.

For all other older models, the process is different due to the presence of actual Home button. In case the Home button of your iPhone is not working properly or broken on an older model, even then you can enable DFU mode on the iPhone by using this guide.

how to enable / disable DFU and recovery mode on iPhone X, iPhone8 & iPhone 8 Plus

What is Actually DFU Mode and How it is different from Recovery Mode:

For an average user, there is no point to know what is the difference between these two important modes on iPhone. For advanced users, especially those who want to install a customized application and play with the actual software on which iPhone is running, the difference between Recovery mode and DFU mode does matter.

Recovery Mode: When we put an iPhone in recovery mode, it means the device is now ready to accept the new firmware. This mode is usually used either to install the upgraded version of the iOS firmware or restore the existing firmware version.

Recovery mode, in fact, wakes up the iBoot process which checks the integrity of the software with the Apple’s servers. It is the iBoot (bootloader) system which checks the firmware whether it is still being signed by Apple and is compatible with the with the current device.

The recovery mode is confirmed after the appearance of iTunes logo + lightning cable on the iPhone screen.

DFU Mode: DFU mode, which is the abbreviation of Device Firmware Update mode, is different from the recovery mode because it also bypasses the iBoot system of iOS devices. It provides a higher control to the users to manipulate the firmware installation process according to some extent.

When the device is in DFU mode, it shows totally blank screen without any logo or text on it. DFU mode is usually used to install the older version of iOS firmware or to downgrade the iPhone firmware.

How to Put iPhone X, iPhone 8 into DFU Mode:

It is very important that you follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully, otherwise, you will either enter recovery mode or end up with a restart.

how to place iphone x into DFU mode

  1. First of all, launch iTunes on your PC or Mac computer and connect your iPhone with it using a USB cable.
  2. Turn off your iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus model by keeping pressed the side button (power button) and then swipe the slider to right. (You can also go to Settings > General > Shut Down to turn off the device.)
  3. Press and Hold the side button for 3 seconds and don’t release it.
  4. While keeping pressed the side button, now also press the Volume Down button.
  5. Keep both buttons pressed down for next 10 seconds.
  6. Release the side button but keep holding the Volume down button for next 5 seconds.

If the iPhone screen stays black, and an alert appears on iTunes of your PC, you have successfully enabled DFU mode on iPhone X. However, if the screen shows an iTunes logo + lightning cable, it means you have mistakenly placed your iPhone X into recovery mode. You need to start the whole process again to attain DFU state.

How to Disable DFU Mode:

The existing DFU mode on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is fairly simple. Keep pressed the Side button and the Volume down button until you see Apple logo. That’s it. You have successfully exit DFU mode.

How to Enable Recovery Mode on iPhone X and Beyond Models:

If you want to put your iPhone X into recovery in order to upgrade it or restore the existing firmware version, here are the steps.

  1. Connect your phone with PC using the USB cable.
  2. Launch iTunes. If it is already open, close it first and then refire it.
  3. Quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then quickly press and release the Volume Down button. At the end press and hold the side button. The phone will restart in recovery mode.

How to Exit Recovery Mode:

Getting rid of the recovery mode is very simple. Disconnect your iPhone from PC and the press the Side button to start your device normally.

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  1. Xnzsays:

    Is this method same for iPhone x and iPhone 8 Plus?? I can’t get into dfu mode on iPhone 8 plus.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Yes, it is same for both. Just try again.

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