Chronic Dev Team Found 5 New Exploits To Jailbreak iPhone 5 And iPad 2 on iOS 5

MyGreatFest (now JailbreakCon) – the first jailbreaking convention held in the world, brought a lot of good news and excitement for the jailbreaking community. Yesterday in London, many of the Jailbreaking stars gave presentations, including Jay Freeman who gave a one hour talk about jailbreaking and Cydia.


Same day, Joshua Hill, also known as Posixninja on Twitter, delighted the jailbreaking fans present their with the news of 5 new exploits found to jailbreak iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Their has been a rumor that posixninja has been working on new exploits for iPad 2 and the upcoming iPhone 5 as well. Well now, the rumor has been proven true.

GeoHot, famous for hacking the Sony’s PS3, and Posixninja took it as a challenge to dump the A5 bootrom, and make it harder for Apple to fix exploits without changing the whole hardware. But then GeoHot quitted, when he was hired by Facebook. Since then, Posixninja has been working alone on this project, though supported by the Chronic Dev Team.


Joshua Hilla, stated that, although these exploits are great and will make the most amazing jailbreak yet available, but still Chronic Dev will not stop work to dump the iPad 2 bootrom. These exploits will be great for jailbreaking for the time being.

While, in the case of iPhone 5, the only matter for an untethered jailbreak remaining is testing it on iPhone 5 to see if any issues arises. iPhone 5 release is scheduled for next month, and is rumored to be announced on October 5.

So, we hope that Apple releases the iPhone 5 as soon as possible, because neither can we wait, and nor can you surely.

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