Facebook Releases Some New Features: Improved Status Update and Picture Display

Facebook, as you may already know, is the biggest social network in the world. Well, why it would not be, it has more than 750 million active users. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook and 50% of its active users log on to it in a given day.

But since the arrival of Google+, the popularity of Facebook seems to be towards downside. So Facebook with an equal competitor in the same line, has finally started to improve itself in the last few days. Recently Facebook launched a separate messenger app for iPhone and android and introduced Video calling; and now Facebook has released some new features of its site.

1. Status Update

Facebook has changed the look of its status update bar, and even reduced some options. Here, take a look at it


  • Now you see that Facebook has killed the options of  Post, Photo, Link and Video,  now displaying “Update Status”, “Add Photo” and “Ask Question”.
  • You cant tag people now easily by clicking the human shaped button accompanied by a + sign.
  • Now, you can also mark the location of your post by clicking the upside down raindrop button.
  • Use the Custom button now to set the privacy of your post.
  • You can now change your sharing options, even after the publishing of your post.

2. Picture Layout

The other change is in the layout of picture display on Facebook. Though of not much importance, this change gives a good look. Check this out in this screenshot.

Facebook definitely seems to be improving itself to continue to attract users to itself. Keep logged on and we will keep you updated on any new features from Facebook and the ongoing tussle between Google+ and Facebook.

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  1. Renesays:

    How do I publish a Link now with the “Link” icon gone ?

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