Facebook Send Button Launched, Link Sharing Now More Private

The like button is now as popular as Facebook itself. The like button celebrated its first birthday just a few days ago and it’s hard to comprehend the skyrocketing popularity this little button has garnered in just a short one year and now is as common on websites as bees on a flower. Facebook Headquarters on Monday have just released its newest sibling, the “Send” button which gives users a more private sharing option.


The main difference between the Like and the newly introduced “Send” button is that while “Liked” content was visible to all of the user’s friends on Facebook as it was posted on their profile, the Send button is a little more privacy oriented and will be a hit amongst the more privacy conscious as it will enable the user to share content with only those with whom they wish to share.

The dynamics of the “Send” are almost similar to the Like button as clicking on Send button would reveal a pop-up window which would then allow the user to send what they want to share such as an article or page to their friends, groups or their mailing lists. Similarly a message can also be added and posted on a group wall which would serve to improve the functionality of groups.

The reason that Facebook Like Button became so popular was because of the ease with it could be incorporated in websites. Testimony to the fact is that over 50,000 websites embedded the button during the first week of its launch and millions have been added since then. The Send button is no different as its code is now available on Facebook’s Developer Website and with a few clicks, few lines of code can be generated and pasted on the desired web page and the send button would then sit snugly alongside the Like button. [via:Mashable]

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