Fake N8 Released before the Original Nokia's N8

Its pretty interesting. Last week Nokia announced its Symbian^3 based N8 mobile phone and within a week a fake N8 device makes its appearance.

Though fake N8 is not based on symbian operating system but still you get an FM radio, MP 4 player, bluetooth, webcam and a battery that lasts for 3-5 days.

You can easily identify the fake N8 because it is deficient in certain features:

  • The camera will not be of 12 MP resolution which is the unique feature of original N8.
  • WiFi module is missing in the fake N8.
  • There is no buit-in 3G support.
  • You can not multitask because the fake N8 is not based on symbian operating system.

Watch the Video:


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2 Replies

  1. Wahid alisays:

    My phone ko check kro k original he

  2. Rajesh Singhdsays:

    It will show 32 GB size but actually it will be only 24 MB

    There will be a lot of options given in user guide missing from the set.

    *******Instantl identifying the fake set wuld be to start the camera. The picture qualit will be so inferior may be less that 1MP.

    Media player will not play any file from memory card.

    No option for WAPs.

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