Find My Mac Feature Available for Developers for Beta Testing

Just like Find My iPhone, Apple also wants to release Find My Mac feature for its Mac Users and the first step to this goal has been initiated by opening the doors of Find My Mac beta testing for developers.

This new feature was added in Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview 4 but it was not available till yesterday. The whole concept is same as used in the case of iPhone and iPad but technology is little different. As Mac books don’t have any built-in GPS function, so Find My Mac feature will rely on the nearby WiFi networks to determine the location of the computer.

It will include all the basic functions. The user will be able to play a sound on his lost mac, display a message on the screen, wipe out the entire hard drive and lock it remotely. However after activating the remotely lock feature, the owner won’t be able to see the location of its computer on the map.

Find My Mac will be integrated with iCloud and will be provided free. This new service is expected to debut this fall, and we’ll be reading many Find My Mac success stories soon.

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