How to Find and Read All Unread Emails on iOS Mail Client

How to Find and Delete All Unread Emails on iOS

With each new iOS version, Apple is bringing to the surface many new features which were previously either unavailable or were hidden deep in the applications. The same is the case in the native mail client on iOS which now let us find unread emails in the different inboxes and in folders easily.

It is a common problem for every email user to receive few junk mails every day. The users don’t bother to read such messages and either ignore them or use a filter to move them all to a special folder.

How to Find and Delete All Unread Emails on iOS

After some time such messages build up into a huge pile. After some time, finding and deleting the unread emails in the mailboxes looks a difficult task. But Apple is improving his iOS mail application to perform such important tasks easily. Here are three methods to view all the messages which are not read yet.

Method 1: Using the built-in Unread Folder

The native mail client in iOS contains a special folder which can sort out all the unread emails present in the default mailboxes. But this folder is hidden in the mail app. Here is how you can reveal it.

Step 1: Tap on the “Edit” button in the top right corner when you open the main screen of the mail app.

Add Unread Folder in iPhone Mailbox

Step 2: Select the Unread option which might be present a little down the screen.

can't find unread email iphone

Step 3: Tap on “Done”.

Now you will see a new Unread folder below the mailboxes. Open it and all the emails which are yet not read will be there.

This method, however, doesn’t show the messages present in other folders. To reveal all unread emails on iPhone, follow this second method.

Method 2: Using the Search Box

This method is very handy to enlist all the messages marked with an unread blue dot. We can use it either to filter the messages in the main mailboxes (i.e., inboxes) or in all folders. Here is how we can perform this task.

Step 1: First of all, navigate to the desired folder/mailbox.

Step 2: Put your finger on the screen and slide down. You will see a search box appear at the top of the screen.

My iPhone says I have unread emails but I don't. There are None.

Step 3: Tap into the search field and you’ll get suggested searches. Now select Unread Messages option from the list.

Step 4: The Mail specific search engine will show us all the emails which are yet not read.

You can also select either “All Mailboxes” or “Current Mailbox” to further fine tune the results. If you select the first option, the search engine will include all the folders to get the results. But when you select the second option, only the results of current mailbox/folder will show up.

Method 3: Using the Unread Icon

From iOS 10, Apple has introduced a handy “Unread” button at the bottom-left of each mailbox. If you have updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS 10 firmware, you can see three encircled small lines at the bottom in each mailbox. Simply tap on it and you’ll see all messages filtered by unread in that particular folder/mailbox.

iPhone unread email count wrong

When you tap on that icon again, you see all the emails sorted out on the basis of the date received in the mailbox.

By using one of the above-mentioned methods, the filtered unread email are then easy to mark as read, flag, move to the Junk folder, send to Trash, or archive them. After selecting the multiple emails, simply tap on the “Edit” button, which might be present at the top of the screen or at the bottom depending on the method you used, to perform the said functions.

how to delete all unread email on iOS 10

These methods are for the default mail client of iPhone. If you are using any other client like Gmail, Yahoo or outbox, you’ll definitely find such tricks in those apps too.

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