Firmware Changer 4.0 Changes the iOS Version to Download Any App [Cydia App]

Firmware Changer lets you to change the iOS firmware version on your iPhone. The main purpose of this little app is to deceive the iTunes.

Lets suppose your iPhone is on iOS 4.0 and you want to download an app that requires iOS 4.1 but you don’t want to upgrade your iPhone to latest iOS version due to any reason. In such situations you can use this app available in Cydia Store.

With Firmware Changer 4.0 you can even select the upcoming iOS 4.2 which is still in beta stage. To download the Firmware Changer your iPhone should be jailbreaked. Different tools to jailbreak iOS 4.1 and beyond are already available. You can use Redsnow, Greenpoison, or Limera1n. If you rely on unlock, then use the PwnageTool to update and jailbreak your phone.


  • Firmware Changer is available to download from Cydia Store free.

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