First Video Trailer of the iOS App “Clumsy Ninja” Lands on the App Store

Do you remember Clumsy Ninja game which was first introduced back in 2012 during iPhone 5 keynote? Well, the same gets the video trailer on the App Store. It is the first time an app/game is featured on the store with video content. The video is available on the UK store only because Clumsy Ninja is selected top game by the editors for this region. However, if this pick-up is universal then we will soon see it on other stores like US.

Video Trailer

Currently the video can be watched only on the featured page created specifically for this game. It is still not available on the regular game page on which the developer is allowed to include only five screenshots of the app/game and text description.

This might be the first step towards the demand of third-party developers. Developers always wanted Apple to allow them to post a video along the app to better convey the users what the app/game is about or how it is run. Currently it is unclear whether Apple would allow all the third party developers to upload the video or not, or whether only featured and editor-selected apps/games or developers would be allowed to add the video.

Still more interesting is to be revealed if the feature is enable for general developers. Like, would Apple use Google’s YouTube for video upload or set up its own database for this purpose.

portrait mode video trailer

Coming back to the trailer, it is played using the native iOS video player but currently only in portrait mode. You can watch this trailer by switching to UK App Store.

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